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Every student knows that it is impossible to avoid doing a sheer number of assignments when studying in the college or any other academical institution. You’ll face a pile of challenging and voluminous tasks given by your professor regardless of your academic level and the chosen major. So, staying on top of the college routine and getting high grades will be a hard nut to crack if you lack the vital skills required for crafting winning papers. You’ll have to go the extra mile trying to cope with the enormous workload. Delivering the most troublesome assignments you’ve never had dealt with before will be a real challenge without having a knowledgeable paper writing helper.

Are you a nursing or a psychology student trying to pursue a degree? You’ll indubitably face a pile of APA assignments. If you’ve never utilized this style before, you probably think that handing in an APA paper is something that is over your head. Sure, you may start feeling a bit confused, but the main thing is not to lose your nerve! It might take a while to get used to completing your college or university assignments in this format, but getting the right skill will definitely serve you well, and you’ll easily sail through the course!

What Is APA Format and Why Use It in Your Papers

This is a consistent style of the American Psychological Association. An APA Format is used for citing courses in research assignments and essays in such fields as pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, business, and psychology. You may wonder why use it when completing a professional paper or a college assignment? An answer is obvious, to communicate all the details and results of the research in a single manner. Imagine being a professor checking a sheer number of writing tasks from your students completed in different styles without following any specific rules. No doubt, it will be an arduous task to read so many papers done in such a chaotic manner. So, to ease the process of getting information from the students’ works, it was agreed to adhere to the consistent format.

How to write a paper in apa format

If you’ve never completed an APA Format Paper before, then you might be a bit confused, having a lack of knowledge on how to craft a well-structured and cited assignment. Being accustomed to using other popular styles such as MLA or Chicago, you’ll indubitably have some doubts whether you’ll be able to cope with the task. To give you peace of mind, we’ll help you to digest information on how to use APA paper formatting for your class.

Having an easy grasp of all the nuances and basic tips of writing and APA citation manner, you’ll stand out from the crowd providing an essay that is immaculately written and deserves only the highest grade from your professor.

Basic tips to follow when doing an APA assignment:

  • Pick a standard size paper to type the assigned task. Make a 1-inch margin on all sides. No hand-written papers are allowed.
  • Your writing should be double-spaced.
  • The title needs to be centered on the APA title page with the student’s name and the academic institution.
  • Avoid using some creative fonts that are extremely hard on the eyes when working on the APA paper format. They may be ok for some other purposes, but not in this case. APA recommends using Times New Roman. The size should be not less than 12p.
  • Put the number of the page at the top-right corner when completing an assignment or a professional paper in APA format.
  • It is better not to use contractions.
  • Active voice and the first person are preferred when writing about the completed research.
  • No biased language is allowed in the APA paper, especially if you are working on a task that involves race or gender information. Check the manual before getting started to know all the details about the use of specific terminology.
  • Although an assignment should be double-spaced, use just one space after every punctuation mark.
  • The short variant of a title typed in capital letters should be in the top left corner.

The length of the assignment done in the APA Format depends on its type. It is better to provide the researched information in a brief and clear manner. Try to write concisely. No one is interested in wasting time reading your overlong papers trying to grasp the key idea.

APA Header Format: Things You Need to Know

When working on the assigned paper that has to be completed in APA Style, keep in mind the following:

  • The page header in student assignments consists of the number only.
  • Not only the number of the page but a running head as well has to be included in the professional paper.

When working on your college tasks, insert the page number in the top right corner. All the pages of your project have to be numbered in the right way. Some learners make a big mistake missing an APA title page, but they shouldn’t forget to number it too. It always carries number one.

As a rule, a running head isn’t included in student assignments, but to be confident that you’ve understood all the details, better ask your professor about it to get rid of the doubts. If you’ve never written a running head before, you might question yourself, “What is it?” An answer is simple — this is an abbreviated version of an APA paper title. It should be typed only in capital letters. There is a specific limit you have to adhere to when typing the tile - don’t exceed 50 characters. The running head you’ve created has to be in the same APA style format throughout your project. It is always typed at the left top corner.

How To Cite In APA Format: Details to Keep in Mind

You’ve found an interesting quote and want to include it in your APA format paper. Great idea! Students are often excited when they find a piece of information that can be used in their writing, but sometimes, they forget about the APA format citation rules. It is strictly forbidden to CTRL+C and CTRL+V in student assignments if you want to get a top grade and have no problems with the originality. It is needed to provide credit to the author when completing a professional paper in APA Style.

Using in-text citations when working on the assigned research project or an essay is a piece of cake. The main thing when adding APA citation is to remember the two elements that have to be mentioned in your work: the name of an author and the year when the used source was published. The information you provide must match what you write in the reference list that has to be written on the new page. Have no clue on how to remember all the APA citation nuances? Here are some things to keep in mind when working on the reference list:

  • You should meet the minimum required sources.
  • Don’t add references that were not discussed in your APA Style assignment.
  • Avoid using sources that are older than seven years. Utilizing the information that is outdated might negatively affect your grade.
  • Alphabetize the list of references adhering to the APA citation format.
  • Choose easy-to-understand fonts that are frequently used in professional paper writing.
  • If you are working on a professional paper, don’t forget to include the running head.
  • The list of references may be longer than just one page.

Devote enough time to doing your APA Format assignment. Sure, there are numerous details to keep in mind, but if you go the extra mile, you’ll complete a winning task worth the highest grade.

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