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In college, students face a pile of assignments that have to be done within a short deadline. Numerous essays, research assignments, and courseworks usually transform into the real nightmare of every learner trying to pursue a degree in a specific field.

If a student wants to get top grades and save the reputation of a highly-performing learner, he won’t avoid doing voluminous and tricky assignments. Only a few students can cope with such an academic workload without asking someone for paper writing help. Not following some of the professors’ requirements, lack of research skills, poor understanding of the topic, or formatting rules will result in a lower grade than you’ve expected. But is there a chance to cope with the academic challenges if you don’t know how to write an MLA paper and have never dealt with such assignments? Sure! Here you’ll get to know all the details on how to sail through the course providing well-done and perfectly-formatted tricky tasks following the rules of an MLA format. Even if your teacher is a tough grader, he’ll have no choice but to give you the highest grade! So, let’s get started!

What Is MLA Format?

Dealing with the new types of assignments you’ve never heard of before is usually like medieval torture. You have to keep in mind so many details to hand in a superior quality paper crafted in a specific manner like an MLA style. But what is it, and why should you use it? An MLA format was developed by the Modern Language Association. Why was it created? To give students a hard time? Actually, no. This paper formatting was created for easy reading. Just imagine a situation, you are a college professor who has to check a sheer number of voluminous papers where students used different formatting and citing. Your head is likely to explode due to reading a pile of content created in various styles without following the specific way of citing.

How to Write a Paper in MLA Format

You'll definitely have to complete papers in an MLA format if you study literature, foreign languages, arts or some humanities subjects. Professors usually encourage students to use a single MLA format to ensure consistency of style and content. When borrowing some facts from a credible source and using them in your research writing, it is vital to acknowledge an accomplishment of the person who's discovered the information. This is possible thanks to MLA citing. The citations are put in the body as well as in the special list at the end of your paper.

Picking an MLA style, you’ll:

  • Give a reader some cues that can be used to follow key ideas in a more efficient and simpler way.
  • Help a reader to get an easy grasp of the main idea without being distracted by the confusing manner of writing.
  • Prove your credibility, showing respect to the needs of the audience.

General Rules

How to format an MLA paper? Following these rules, you’ll hand in a superior-quality assignment to your professor and will undoubtedly get a top grade. Just check the information that is of use to every learner!

Only white

Electronic submissions are extremely popular nowadays, but some professors still ask their students to hand in the printed assignments. Sounds a bit outdated? Yes, but everything depends on personal preferences. If you are going to print an MLA paper, forget about all the ivory or pinky shades, choose white only. Pick the paper of the top quality and standard size. Want to be confident you’ve made the right choice? Feel free to ask your professor about all the nuances of an MLA paper.

One-inch margins

Before writing an MLA task, set the margins of a paper to 1 inch on each side.

Legible font

How to type a paper in MLA format? Whatever font you decide to pick, MLA implies that there is an evident difference between the italics and regular type styles. The size should be not less than 12 pt. Generally, students give preference to Times New Roman.

Double-spaced lines

Regardless of the academic paper that has to be submitted in the MLA format, remember about double spacing. If you forget about this requirement, this may lead to undesired repercussions. So, be attentive following all the recommendations, and adhere to the standards.

How To Head an MLA Paper

Knowing the subject backwards and forwards means that crafting first-class assignments is as easy as a walk in the park. The work is done, and now it is high time to start writing an MLA heading. Actually, you are given not just a single option when it comes to writing a header for the completed project. In the two-page essay, the heading is usually at the left top of the first page, but if you are working on a voluminous project, then you can do the same or create a title page. Choosing the second option, keep in mind that you’ll hardly find some official rules on how it is best to format the title page, so better adhere to the general rules of formatting such papers.

When deciding to create an MLA heading on the first page, write as it is said below:

  • Your full name. It has to be positioned 1 inch from the left and top margins of the page. Then goes a double space.
  • Then follows the name of your supervisor or instructor.
  • The next step is writing the name of the class.
  • Then goes the due date of your college paper.

Check this example:

Ellie Brown

Professor Johnson

English 204

3 May 2021

You’ve tackled this part of the task, but it is too soon to kick your back. After creating the heading, write down the title of your project. You should place it in the center. Want your writing to stand out from the crowd? Want to be creative and impress your professor with some peculiar fonts when formatting paper? Don’t do it if you want to get a top grade for the completed project. Keep in mind; there should be no: quotation marks, weird fonts, or underlying in the MLA style. Make the title of the completed academic project easy to understand and read. No one will waste a lot of time trying to “decrypt” what you’ve written in the assigned task.

An MLA header has to be churned out on every page of your essay or any other academic project. It consists of the surname and a page number, placed at the right top corner.

How To Cite in MLA Format

When using some information from works of other people in your own one, you need to give credit to the author and let the reader know about it. This is where citations come in. Your project needs a works cited page at the end.

Depending on the types and number of relevant sources you’ve used when completing the project, pay special attention to the rules of citing in an MLA format.

You need to list all the sources in alphabetical order. Sounds like a piece of cake? Actually, no. The vast majority of students usually hate this part of work. They know that even the slightest mistake made here may affect the result, especially if your professor is a real tough grader.

How to add citations? Adhere to this format:

Last name of an author, First name. The title of the source you’ve used. Name of the publisher, The date of publication.

Location may also be added, but only if you are going to mention the website’s address.

For example:

London, Jack. Martin Eden. Penguin Group, 1993.

Remembering all the MLA paper format rules is a real challenge, so feel free to use some online tools for better citing or reach out to professionals to get help writing a paper. There is nothing wrong with asking for outside assistance when you feel a bit confused because of the complex academic task, convoluted requirements, or tricky nuances affecting your grade.

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